How Domain Parking Works

Domain monetization, also known as domain parking, is a method that allows you to earn money on undeveloped or unused domain names. You earn money when visitors click on advertisement links that are displayed on your parked domains. Sign up for your free account to get started!

Step 1. Sign up for free

Sign up for your free affiliate account to begin the process of parking your undeveloped domains. We pay on a Net-7 basis via PayPal, Check, or Wire/ACH.


Step 2. Upload your domains

Upload your domains and start generating the most revenue from your unsold inventory with our powerful domain parking features. Our team will optimize your keywords and landing pages to maximize the revenue potential from each domain.


Step 3. Point your name servers

Point your name servers to NS1.DOMAINSX.NET and NS2.DOMAINSX.NET - your visitors will see a highly optimized parking page with sponsored ads that will generate revenue.

Step 4. Relax and get paid

Link your PayPal or Bank Wire information and get paid 7 days after the end of every month. Lay back and let our team do all the magic! It' easy as that!